Aspassia Hotel Area Information


The Argolida county is on the Peloponnese peninsua which is found South East of Athens, it is a major citrus producing region of Greece and the roads are lined with orange, lemon and grapefruit trees. The wonderful aroma of blossom hangs in the air in Springtime and at the end of the year the fruit hangs heavy on the trees ready for harvesting.

The Argolida is also home to the world renowned archaeological sites of Ancient Mycenae and the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros which is one of the largest amphitheatres in Greece seating 16,000 people. The theatre is well preserved and live performances are produced during the months of July and August each year of ancient plays. The performances are almost always sold out with people visiting from all over the world. The Temple of Asklepios is also a magnet to tourists, the home of the God of Medicine can be seen on the same site as the theatre and the stadium as well as the museum.

Ancient Asini, close to Tolo was Mycenae's harbour during the Mycenaean era. Today the fortifications situated on the headland are quite visible with spectacular views of the bay of Tolo and of Plaka beach in Drepano on the left side. Homer's books remind us how important Ancient Asini was in history with the Trojan War ships departing from here.

 Mycenae, responsible for a whole era, is just 25 minutes away from the Hotel Aspassia and sits majestically on a hill surrounded by the Argolic plain. The grave circles, acropolis, tomb of Agamemnon and treasury of Atreus continue to be visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. The famous Mask of Agamemnon is on show in the Athens Archaeological museum. Between Mycenae and the Hotel Aspassia is the oldest continually inhabited city in Europe, Argos. The town is well worth a visit and has plenty of archaeological and historic places to visit plus the castle Larissi on the hill 

During your stay at the Hotel Aspassia visit the oldest pyramid in Greece in Argoliko or Nea Kios beach for kite surfing, rare birds and a stretch of beach which offers sand and mud with healing properties for people with skin complaints. Visit the museum of Karonis on the outskirts of Naplion and take part in a guided tour and tasting of their ouzo and liqueur production facility, take a trip down the coast and visit the beaches of Tolo, Plaka Drepano, Vivari, Candia and Iria or continue further and visit the seaside towns of Porto Heli, Ermioni and Kosta. It is also possible to drive to Troizona and take a small fishing boat (water taxi) to the island of Poros.

During the Summer months daily cruises leave both Nafplion and Tolo harbours to visit the islands of Hydra, Spetses and Poros.

Distances from the Hotel Aspassia:

The Ancient Theatre of Epidavros (45 mins)
Mycenae (25 mins)
Nafplion (5 mins)
Tolo (5 mins)
Argos (15 mins)
Ancient Asini (5 mins)

Activities in the Argolida:

archaeological sites, kite surfing, watersports, sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, waterskiing, museum visits, wine tasting, ouzo tasting, nature related, beachcombing, swimming, rock climbing, water park, windmill visit, various agrotourism activities, walking, day cruises